Passionate About Transmitting My Knowledge To Others

Having studied and played the piano all my life I've been passing on my knowledge to others for over 20 years. I teach children as well as adults. Guiding others through the elaborate ways of the piano playing has become my life's fulfillment.

During my lessons every student is:

  • Developing an exciting and varies repertoire.

  • Learning technical skills.

  • Developing music reading.

  • Learning theory and musical terms. 

  • Recognizing rhythmic patterns and notations.

  • Interpreting music from different time periods.

  • Experiencing success and accomplishment.

  • Enjoying performance opportunities.


Playing music for others can be a joyful and exhilarating experience. Therefore I hold the recitals twice a year. Recitals are an important part of each student's development.  They give students a chance to showcase their abilities for family and friends. Participation is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.