Studying with Renata has been one of the most rewarding musical experiences of my life. Her expertise and passion is very inspiring and I feel much more confident as a pianist because of our lessons together. 

Jakob Pek

Benedicte Remaud

Our 5 year old daughter started piano lessons with Renata few months ago and really enjoys it! Renata is very kind, gentle and patient, she has a great connexion with children. It's amazing seeing our daughter playing little pieces after a couple of lessons! Thank you Renata! 

Slavik Krassovsky

Renata was teaching piano to our son Victor for 5 years. During that time Victor made great progress and was playing many complex pieces. Victor enjoyed his lessons very much. We appreciated Renata’s professionalism and highly recommend her as piano instructor. 

Sandrine Deshaires

Mon fils a commencé le piano à 4 ans. C'est lui même qui a voulu apprendre en voyant sa sœur qui adorait le piano avec Renata. Mes enfants ont aujourd’hui 13 et 21 ans et ils continuent toujours à jouer du piano. Renata a une methode très ludique pour enseigner le piano qui fait évoluer les enfants très vite. Ils prennent conscience de leurs progrès et ont envie d'aller plus loin merci Renata !

Ed Sweeney

I've enjoyed my lessons with Renata the last two years. I find our lessons engaging, and the time is over before I know it. She has technical skill , attention to detail, and an obvious love of music . She's recommended a lot of beautiful pieces for me. I'm happy I found her when I retired and took up the piano again after many years. 

Laurence Russo

De très très beaux souvenirs, seule ou à 4 mains avec toi ! Merci Madame le Professeur ! Grande pédagogie très à l’écoute de tes élèves, Sourire, gentillesse, grande patience, mais aussi grand rigeur : implication, motivation, progression, autonomie et plaisir de jouer ce vers quoi tu nous amènes ! Tu nous manques ! Belles notes à tous aux côtés de Renata ! Mère et fille E & L"


I’ve been Renata’s student for two years. I had taken piano lessons as a child and I got back to the piano with Renata.

Renata is very musical and has good technical skills which she shares in a very nice manner. Thanks to her we enjoy playing and understand music better. Renata is friendly and informative; she’s a great piano teacher!

Damien Palierne

Renata is a remarkable and very patient teacher.

She makes things sound so easy that you believe they are.

I'm glad we crossed paths; she left a bit of her passion with me.

I simply could not recommend anyone else.

To my best Teacher and a great Pianist!"

Samantha Teplitzky

Renata has taught our two daughters (ages 10 and 14) for the past three years. She has helped them learn and grow tremendously. She understands what motivates them and helps them choose engaging pieces that challenge them just the right amount! We highly recommend Renata.

Pink Marble

Renata is an excellent pianist and an excellent teacher. The musicality she brings are an order of magnitude more difficult and more rare to come by.

Robert Smith

Renata has taught my daughter for five years (now 11), and teaches my son (now 6). Renata is the right mix of discipline and sweetness for children. She combines technique with fun pieces, traditional classical music with more modern songs. Somehow she keeps the kids engaged while still letting them progress with their technical competence. And her piano recitals are the high point of my year. I highly recommend her as a teacher and great person!

Shana Scarlett

Stephanie Dimas

My son (18) and I enjoyed the piano lessons with Renata very much. She's a great teacher who has not only shown us to play the right notes, but also how to make them sound like music! Thank you Renata so much! We'll miss you! Stephanie and Philipp